Self-taught amateur artist, I had attended a few watercolour lessons and training courses before moving to Scotland, where I lived for eleven years. I appreciated the wild beauty of the Highlands and the quiet atmosphere of this fascinating country : with its mountains, lochs and rivers, its preserved nature, the varied landscape of this region is a wonderful subject of inspiration.

The techniques : I had started with watercolour, but after a few years I trained in other media : acrylics and mainly dry pastel which has now my preference. Handling pure pigments, applying them with fingers, mixing and shading them off to melt them into vibrant or subtle shades, can be rewarding and give a lot of satisfaction.

My style is realist-figurative : I reproduce subjects as I see them, but the colours and shades (for backgrounds mainly) are adapted to my liking, and sometimes imagined. I draw and paint from photographs usually, but this is not an absolute rule. My preferred subjects are birds, animals, landscapes, and generally, everything beautiful offered by nature...

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Helene Morleghem
71, Chaussée de Grammont

Tel. 068 - 336415
(Int. 0032-68336415)
" To live = Learn - Progress - Share - Transmit "
"...All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things nice and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all... "
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