Other artwork and activities              

For the original artwork prices are moderate but vary according to size, medium used, complexity of the subject, time spent and type of frame ; generally a pastel of medium size (30x40 or 40x50) can be bought at a price of 80 to 160 €. A larger work can go up to 200-220 €.
All works are sold framed, with or without an inside cardboard frame (passe-partout).

Very often reproductions are requested : prints are made in size 20x30 or 30x40, on an inkjet printer (they are called "giclées"), on an "artist" quality paper, very similar to the one used for painting the original. Unframed, prices are 10 and 15 €. On my computer I also print greeting cards, invitation cards, announcements, bookmarks or any other printing work, as well as a personalized calendar.

example of calendar and greeting cards with envelope
            Commissions Some examples of paintings made to order, or offered as a present : portraits and animals                  
                      Princesse   mildred's falcon   maxime   pastel 50x40            
portrait of Loogie              
or other subjects :
pastel watercolour waterc-acryl   watercolour   pastel                
            Some of these paintings may still be obtained as greeting cards, or prints.                      
  The "Pastellistes belges" regularly organize training courses and workshops. I recently attended a two-days course on landscape painting and later, a one-day "portrait" workshop.                
Special projects and themes
For a six-week exhibition in a dedicated gallery and all the shop windows of our city,
we were requested to produce pictures painted in a surrealist style, "in the manner of" René Magritte,
our city celebrating the 50th anniversary of his death. (René Magritte was born in Lessines).
So here are some of the "surrealist" works I made for the occasion.
pastel pastel        
Exhibitions July-August 2017 : "Surrealist Walk" through the main streets of the city
and exhibition in the city gallery (all styles of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, artefacts)
June 2017 : Silly "artists Walk" and August 2017 : Art and Nature Fair in Brugelette                                                            
May 2018 : personal exhibition in the gallery of the old people's home "La Providence". Photos taken by the organizers.
June 2018 : Week-end "Wemcome Wallonia" Flobecq, Maison des Artistes.   and in Julyt : "Artists circuit" in Lessines, two animated events !                            
July 2020 : "Artists circuit"                
An important event for the Community : more than 80 artists
located in several sites of the city historical center. (Photo-montage of some photos taken
on this occasion)
                                Update : August 2020