Memory of Guy Garcet
His Oil Paintings, poems and songs
  For those who have known Guy as an artist, this section of the site is a testimony of what he left us :
A few manuscripts, not far from a hundred songs and poems, 60 of which were edited (d'Alcrena "Voilà qu'je chante..." - © 1990).

A book written in French, true to historical facts, but easy to read as a novel, "L'année du Prince", telling the Journey of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Battle of Culloden, sadly never found an editor...

The 22 songs he recorded (two 33 LP and one single) are available on a CD or as MP3's.

After his last recitals (Mons - Belgium) and his retirement in Scotland (1996) he went back to painting, having previously exhibited with the "Artistes des Collines" in Belgium. The last years of his life were devoted to painting what he loved : Scotland, its peaceful and wild nature, tranquillity
and wonderful landscapes.
  5-05-1939 / 30-03-2002
  Le temps a passÚ si vite
Et les saisons dans mon coeur
Ont laissÚ pendant leur fuite
Des souvenirs qui se meurent
Le temps a passÚ cynique
M'abandonnant sans fašon
Quelques notes de musique
Quelques mots pour mes chansons

Je ne suis que cheveux gris
Quand la chanterelle sonne
Je ne suis plus aujourd'hui
Qu'une guitare en automne..
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All his paintings have been sold, or kept in private family collections.
The last ones can be seen in the
Wood on Loch Meikle, Oil on Canvas 76 x 50 cm
      July 2016